Pillow Days

I'm getting hooked in making pillows this week.
I finished this creme unbleached cotton one that I've started almost 3 or 4 weeks ago. I'm happy for the result. Inspired by the maze puzzle then I sew the quilting lines like that.

These two ones inspired by the vintage batik cloths that I saw in a traditional market in Jogya, a famous cultural city , 3 hours drive from my hometown. I spent a whole Saturday there with my husband. We both love browse and visit traditional market in every city we visit.

About this vintage batik cloth....I fall in love with the pattern and its "old style" colors and bought many. I chose log cabin pattern for these pillow in case for showing couple of vintage batik cloths in one project. I still used unbleached cotton and polyester batting between layers.
What about you...what's your project for this week?


  1. They are beautiful! I can understand why you and your husband love to browse. I think I would have purchased tons of the cloth. Great job!

  2. Henny, look at all of the beauty that you create. The cloth is fantastic and what you do is wonderful.
    Love to you, Ellen.

  3. So beautiful! Love the log cabins and the fabrics are gorgeous!