Vetiver Grass Placemat, an Indonesian Handycraft

Do you love the color of these placemats? I do!
You should see, touch and smell them in person. Yes, would love its natural fragrance.
It made from kind of grass (Vetiver Grass) and woven with cotton thread.

Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides, syn. Andropoghon zizanoides) has long been known as a source of perfume. This plant is still a family with lemon grass or rice.
Dried roots are traditionally known as fragrances, clothes closet or essential goods, such as batik cloth. This scent comes from essential oil produced in the roots.

So...when you used these placemats, it would give soft natural sweet fragrance to your dining room.
What do I do this week? I plan to make something for my Etsy store with this unbleached cotton, my favorite fabric! A little sneak peek ..:)

Tomorrow is national day here, celebrate Vesak Buddist day. Great..to have additional holiday :)

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  1. Love the colours of the placemats! They reminds me of the sea and the beach!

    Your unbleached cotton project looks promising!