Gift from My Husband

As a matter of fact I've had all these wonderful gifts since 2 weeks ago. But with the 'hustle and bustle' of family activities related with my hubby's one month vacation here and renovation of my backyard terrace ... made the messy of our house and vacation feeling in all of us just like a perfect blending at this moment.
My 2 other kids school holiday start this Saturday for 3 weeks while the little one has started his holiday a week ago so I prepare to have no time left to sit in front of my PC and playing with my fabrics and threads.

Look at the dutch lady and wind mollen pattern of these fabrics, lovely!

and so glad to finally have all these tools :)

Hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Oh, Henny! Look at your wonderful gifts! You're going to love the rotary cutter and mat!!!

  2. Wow...how wonderful...you deserve all of those gifts. Wheeeee.

  3. Henny - I LOVE those Dutch fabrics! Aren't you lucky?

  4. That fabric Henny is just beautiful and you will have some fun with your new tools.