Pineapple Fibers Fabric

Look what I've found last week....
This lovely orange fabric made of pineapple fibers. It's amazing to me. It's just like cotton and also strong.

And then I made a block with this fabric....

Remember the blocks I just arranged at my last post before this.
Now I've finished it, but only the top. At first I was alittle bit confused if i should keep the yellow blocks or not, but Rachel from 2ndAveStudio suggested me to add another color for this wall hanging since yellow is a tough color to work with.

So I try to put my orange pineapple fibers fabric to it and I think it looks nice, more balance for design reason. What do you think?


  1. I think it looks perfect. I love the fabric you found and that you were able to use it Henny.

  2. It looks fantastic. The orange was a perfect addition! I can't believe it is made from pineapple.