Buzy Easter Week

I had planned at first to enjoy my long weekend here at home and finished all my quilt project (we've got 5 days off, not only for Easter also for the Election day), but yesterday my Mom's health condition is really going down (she's Alzheimer) and have to stay at hospital for couple of days, maybe. So I should be busier than usual working day these weekend.

Anyway...Happy Easter to you all (if you celebrate it).
Btw do you know why bunny linked to Easter :) I don't. I just know about the 'egg story', I think I had once read about 'bunny history' but forgot.


  1. Happy Easter to you Henny.
    Sorry to hear about your mum.

    I am slowly playing blog catch up as we have been away.

  2. Henny, I hope all is well with you mom! I wish you a Happy Easter too!

  3. I hope your mom is coping as well as she can. Be sure to take care of yourself.