Waterproof fabric

This is the first time I 'play' to make something with waterproof fabric.
I bought the fabric online from a Korean fabric shop on Etsy.
When I first touched it, I was surprised to the quality of it. So soft, almost similar with real cotton. Before I received it, I thought it would be like plastic fabric that we often used for kids raincoat, but it was not.
So .... finally I made a tote and a pouch to accompany me to swimming pool or beach.
My stuff would not get wet with this tote :)

Ah, I just love my new tote!
I also list one to my shop here.


  1. Ohh this is cute Henny - I don't think I've ever felt anything like this either!

  2. Ouuw, what a lovely idea. Your handmade are soo lovely, beautifull. Am happy to link with you.