I miss it :(

Last month I made a table runner from Bali batik cotton. Bali batik is so hip right now here.
It's more light and soft than Javanese traditional batik eventhough both of them are from cotton.
I quilted it with my favorite organic lines style. There are some major reasons why I love organic lines. First: the gorgeous textures that come out after I quilt my linen or unbleached cotton with those lines.
After that... maybe I love the freedom how I could move the needle, actually I don't like to follow orders!
And the last : my limited skill in quilting ! :)

Finally....I love to see how it turned out!
I put it as a listing on my Etsy shop. Two weeks ago someone bought it.
Today is the first time I missed something I made and not longer with mine. I keep busy telling myself, 'let it go, let it go..' :)
Have you ever felt this way?


  1. Yes, I have felt the same way. Hopefully you have enough of that beautiful batik left over to make another one. I love your quilting. Very nice.

  2. Lovely work. I like how you describe your materials and work with what is available to you...it takes an artist to go beyond the directions or a straight off the bolt cut and sew.