Her Special Pencil Case

Finally ... we made up our mind to make her a pencil case with her own drawing that I had printed on fabric.
This is the first time for her (also me) to see her manga drawing printed on fabric.
Beautiful drawing!
I used a wonderful tutorial here, from Pink Penguin.

I think it's a quite good collaboration project, she draw , I sew :)


  1. What a fun idea! I really like the manga drawing and the red and white stripe top edge!!

  2. How wonderful! You both did a great job!

  3. That drawing is stunning and she is so lucky that you are so clever to be able to make it.
    I just showed it to Brooke Henny.

    As for farmtown on FB I have been playing since April so quiet a long time now. Thanks for your kind comments on my farm.

  4. Great idea! The print of her drawings turned out so well!