This was my first attempt at free motion quilting for this 'moo' blanky quilt without a darning foot! Yes it's true...
For couple of days I tried to look for a darning/quilting foot here in my little city for my own Messina brand machine, but gosh...difficult to find out for this type. I had called the shop where I bought my sewing machine and they promised to order one for me from another big city, but still didn't know exactly how long I should wait.

Yesterday I couldn't wait any longer for just looking at the top without doing nothing so I try to quilt with my ordinary standard sewing foot and look at the way it turned out! Not exactly like the way I want. At first I planned to make couple of heart shapes there, but...wow.. it was difficult!! I imagine it will become easier with more practice and a real DARNING FOOT!!

So I try a different way this time with STRAIGHT LINE sewing...
I felt it was more easier than my first attempt for the 'heart shape' quilting.
Still I need an hour to finish a row included many trials and errors to figure out a better way to sit and maneuver the quilt through.
haha...but I enjoyed the process and I'll keep doing this method until I have a DARNING FOOT!


  1. Yes, the darning foot will come in handy for the free motion quilting. But, look at your straight line quilting, beautiful!! You did a great job!!

  2. You'll definitely like using the darning foot.
    Although, your quilting w/o a darning foot looks a heck of a lot better than mine w/ a darning foot.

  3. I like the straight line pattern you did! I hope your darning foot arrives soon : )