I can't stand for not buying .....

Guess what??
Yes, new fabrics...last week I bought many!
Feel a little bit guilty :(
but they're so gorgeous to my eyes..
2 days in a row I made some of them to 3 bedsheets for each of my kid and I was so happy I can make elastic corners. For some of you maybe it's so simple, but not for me. They're my first bedsheets I had sewn with elastic corners ..haha...
I learn from here

Still another fabrics waiting for... :)

I had made a list ... just wait till next week :)
happy sewing and be creative everyone!


  1. I can never resist buying beautiful fabric and paper. I have way too much, but oh its just so lovely.

    Have a good weekend Henny.

  2. So impressed! I have never tried making sheets before! ANd the fabrics are really fun!

  3. Wow, I didn't even know it was possible to sew elastic bedsheets! You are become quite professional!