Knitting and Novel

I found this novel about 2 weeks ago on a sale at a bookstore. The cover had taken my attention at the first sight because it reminds me to one of my new blogger friend, Rachel from the Cornblueflower Studio who loves knitting.
I can’t knit but always admire people who knitting. I seldom buy a novel just by looking the cover, but that time I didn’t know I really want this novel. Until today I have read until page 80, all is 329 pages :)
So far … the story is very interesting. It’s a deeply moving portrait of female friendship at a knitting club.


  1. I hope you like the book! I would definitely be interested to look for it at my bookstore!

  2. When I 1st saw this the cover had my attention, its a lovely cover. The book sounds interesting as well, friendship from a knitting club, is almost like friendship from our crafty blog friends.

  3. henny,
    you asked about sashing. here is a great link that explains all about it. sashing is simply fabric strips that are used to border your quilt blocks. some quilts have sashing and others don't. let me know if you have other questions. good luck getting started!

  4. I think I would like this book too! Thanks for the post!

  5. Rachel & Yellow DP,
    I hope you'll find this book :)

    yeah..tou're right. We're building friendship too.

    thank you so much for your explanation. Don't worry I'm going to ask you a lots!

  6. knitting sekarang memang kembali Trend Hen, lucu ya..padahal sebelum ini bayangan kita kalo knitting itu hobinya nenek2 doang...tapi kayanya trend memang selalu berputar ya...aku juga udah mulai tertarik ngelirik2 benang wol kalo di craft store..pengen knitting juga...nanti kalo ke toko buku mau cari buku ini ahh..bagus ya Hen???

  7. So far..bagus ceritanya. Masih lumayan baru kok, terbitan 2007. Aku beli pas ada diskon di Gramed, cuma Rp 60 rb, padahal aslinya $22. hehe...