My New Papertole Work

This is my first post and I started with a papertole work -something I love to make when there's enough spare time-
I have this design almost a year ago. My husband gave it to me after his trip to Jakarta. Actually I still have many papertole pictures that have not been done yet. I like to collect something cute and interesting when travelling somewhere, keep them in my craft box then waiting for the perfect time and mood to create something.


  1. papertole itu apa dan bagaimana sih Hen?? (lagi males browsing nih hehe!) critain dong..di email boleh di post di blogmu juga asyik!

  2. Xtna,
    itu seperti make a 2 dimensional pictures become 3 dimensional pictures. I'll show you step by step in how making it.
    Next post, ok..

  3. aaaw.. ini nih yang kepengen dari duluuuu... blom kesampean..

  4. Wow, that looks really intricate and detailed.