My Lucky Week

This week I think I'm not productive in sewing.
Just finished a block for Melissa, one of my Bee Addicted friend. Since her fabrics is not my color, I felt a little bit hard to make it. Yes, I know it's not good... so I tried my best to make a Drunkard's Path Block for her. Some of my friends at the group said it was pretty. Thanks goodness...one of my lucky day received that compliment:)

Yesterday I went to a fabric shop looking for a cream solid for my String quilt backing, but I came out of the store with these 2 gorgeous Japanese cotton fabrics. Couldn't stand just looking at them without buying ;)

I've already made quilting lines on one of it...

This morning I feel so lucky again. I'm one of the winner of this cutie bear!!
Thanks a lot, Sonnja :D
You can visit her blog here


  1. A few comments: Your drunkard's path block looks fabulous! It was not an easy block to make, and it looks great. Also, I love the prints you picked up at the fabric store, and I can't wait to see your string quilt put together. That project has inspired me to make a string quilt for my bed - I'm a little scared. And finally, I love the wavy lines in the quilting. Looks lovely.

    Have a nice day!
    Bee Addicted Sorrel (swdpdx)

  2. mba henny, newbies niihh. kalo blanja katunnya dimana? sy di jkt. thx a lot.

  3. hai Dee..
    Aku beli di Semarang sini aja, daerah Kranggan. jakarta pasti lebih banyak pilihannya. Kecuali yang ada pattern windmill dan spring, itu oleh2 dari Belanda & German.