String 'Bee Addicted' Blocks

Not much I can do while my boy has fever and common flu this weekend.
Days such like a mess :(
To lighten my mood I played with these string blocks. Almost all my bee friends had sent to me.

I calculated the small blocks and still need 24 to make a queen size quilt.
Pheww...I thought at first I've done. Really hope I can completed all this week.


  1. It looks fantastic!! Don't worry you will get to that queen size super quick!

  2. These all look amazing together! Your quilt will be very beautiful.

    Hope your son is feeling better and no one else catches illness.

  3. Such sweet and happy string blocks! Keep up the good work!

    I hope your son will feel better soon!

  4. Hope your son feels better soon. The string quilt is looking lovely!