So Far ...

(Upps... I think the pics are too bright, sorry!)

So far...since I've done 4 tops for pillow covers last weekend, I can't stand for starting to make a table runner with the same 'batik' theme. Here I upload the top and the back although I'm not sure yet which one is the back nor the top, hehe...maybe we could call it 'reversible' table runner then :)

About the grey-blue ones...
I had ever bought "wrong" fabric, just wrong colors...didn't like it after I was at home. So since unused it would be a 'bad' habit along my journey in learning quilting, then I tried to cut it in small pieces.
I just love to arrange the small pieces mixed with white but now a little bit confused about which the easiest way to sew them together. Any suggestion?


  1. I think those blue and white blocks look great laid just the way you have photographed them... very random. If you like the arrangement but aren't sure how to proceed I'd suggest that you look at the negative space and visually start to divide it up into variously sized rectangles. Some shapes will be wide and some skinny... but eventually you can start to see how the blocks can have fabric added to them and joined together with the other blocks, keeping this layout.

    To help visualize you can even print out your photo and draw dividing and connecting horizontal and vertical lines in the negative space to see how things can fit.

  2. Aah..,thanks Vic!
    I'll try to do it this Saturday.

  3. First of all Henny - I love the blue fabric (its a color I wear a lot). I agree with Victoria on ways to change around the arrangement. Also another idea is start piecing them together without too much thought. See what you have. Then if you don't like it - cut the whole quilt, from one side to another - sew it together in another way. Its always a surprise on how its going to look. You can don't necessarily have to piece them back exactly either - you can stagger them a bit making one longer than the rest. Sorry if this isn't clear!

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