I'm far behind!

Errghh...I almost do nothing lately in my creative world of sewing!
Kids' sickness, starting first weeks of school, doing some errands..
Finally when I've got the time yesterday, I made a block for a swap. I think I'm far behind than my friends...The theme is Summer. What do you think, is it summery enough? My idea come from the color of beach and ocean. Did some wavy lines there.

Do you see the small turtle ? I bought it in a batik shop. I love it so much!
I should browse to find a pattern of turtle this week and make another version.

Another project I did, an experiment! Bleaching one of fabric I hate. I don't know what I was thinking when buy it. The more I look at it the more I don't like the color. So I decided to cut it in pieces and bleach. See...now they become in some more light colors tone.

Ok friends, see you in my next post! I hope this week is much better :)


  1. I like your summer theme! Your work fits right in with the theme.

  2. Henny - I love what you are making for your summer mini quilt! The colors are lovely!

  3. That is exactly what I though, the beach and the ocean. Just perfect for the summer! Great job!

  4. Your summery theme is just right. It is hard sometimes to get our cretions done, with family and errands taking a lot of time. I try to keep one day and not look at my house to get something done for me.

  5. is this for your quilting bee? i think it's lovely! hope all the sickness is gone!!