Blue or Orange or both?

I was quilting this new piece this afternoon starting from the middle with cream thread and trying organic lines between blocks. One of Jacquie's quilting has inspired me to sew these lines (thanks Jacquie!)
Now for the both of the sides I want to try another color of thread, but gosh... I was so afraid to start!
Should I pick the blue, orange or both of them ?

About the scrap bag..it has done. Yay!!


  1. Beautiful work, Henny! You have such talent. Not being a quilter (yet???) I wouldn't know what color to use. I am just amazed at what you are creating..really lovely.

  2. hey i LOVE this bag henny. YOU are super talented!! i love the colors. you have inspired me to do something similar. thanks!

  3. henny, i'm just bursting with pride! i adore this piece!!! i love the quilting you did....you must be sooo happy with it!