First Applique and Stitching

This is my first trial project in applique and stitching. I made these blocks for a Spring Blossom Mini Quilt Swap.
After 2 days of making these blocks I've just realize this morning that I've made a mistake, a big error I think.
For the applique I think I did quite ok, but not with the stitching. See..those 2 different threads in the photo? I supposed to used (yellow) special stitching thread, not the other (green) machine sewing thread.. :(
Well, learn from the mistake right from the start!
I'll restitch again today..., no problem :)


  1. You know Henny, that I am not sure what it is you are participating in.....but here is what I am sure about:
    What you do and what you have learned to do is amazing;
    What you have created and what you make is so lovely;
    Combining many threads (to me) is wonderful;
    Combining many threads of different colors, thickness and sheen..whether they are cotton, wool, rayon or what...combining all of those threads is what we all strive to do in our everyday life. We take all kinds of "threads" to weave a life of love and loveliness. We are all of a different sheen and makeup, but together we can "sew, weave, knit, embroider and knot" a loving life of family and friends.
    This is what I see you doing.

  2. Henny I wouldnt worry too much, your applique is amazing especially for your first time.

  3. Henny, You have learned so much and are willing to try new techniques. That is a wonderful thing and your blocks look great. Don't worry we all make mistakes, but like you said we learn from them. But I have to say, I think everything looks great from here.

  4. So cute! I think you did a fabulous job!