Moo Fabric Story

I've got to finish this 'Moo' lap quilt (not quilted yet) soon if I don't want to hear my little boy's whimpering anymore, asking "Where is my new blanket quilt, Ma?" or "Why you haven't made it for me yet?".

This is the story....
one day -weeks ago actually- I took him at a fabric store after picked him up from school. There he saw this 'Moo' fabric (that's the way he called it) and asked me to buy for him.
Since then he never stop asking his 'future' new Moo blanket...
He seems not realized that I only sew one project in a time and need long hours and hours...:)
I hope I can make his "Moo" blanket become real this week.
I chose couple of blues to play with his 'Moo' fabric.

This morning I'm not sure which simple quilting design I should make since I haven't got my new quilting foot mailed yet, still quilting with my standard foot at my sewing machine. Any suggestion for me?