A Little Project for Christmas

While waiting for a special gift -dacron-batting-for-my first quilt- delivery from one of my best friend, Yuke Lee (I think I’m a little bit impatient to receive it and continue my sewing. Thanks, many thanks to Yuke… I really didn’t expect to have it as a present!!) I did this little Christmas project this afternoon for little girl. Since I don’t have little girl anymore then I had already given it to one of my friend’s kid. Seeing her expression maybe I would make another 20’s for the preschool kids as Christmas presents.


  1. Hi Henny, I just need your e-mail address to send you the invite. You can put the picture up at any time you like.

  2. Henny your project is cute. Little girls will definitely be happy with this.

  3. That's so cute! I'm sure the preschoolers will love them.